All-occasion greeting cards are almost as fun to send as they are to receive. Surprise someone you care about with a card for no special reason or for some small reason, and make their day brighter. Whether you send it in the mail or stick one in a lunchbox or briefcase, when the recipient gets it, you can be sure it will put a smile on their face.

You can use all-occasion cards to lift someone’s spirits when they are feeling low. It can mean a lot to know there is someone on your side when it seems like the whole world is against you. Send an encouraging word when you cannot be there to cheer on a friend or child. Make sure to congratulate everyone at work on a job well done with a card to express how proud you are. Small accomplishments can be turned into something big with the right encouragement.

All-occasion cards can be bright and happy. They can have a serious tone or be just plain silly. Let the special person in your life know you are thinking of them and cannot wait until you can be together again. The little effort of letting someone know that you care can put them in the mood to give you a nice surprise too. No matter what sentiment you want to share, there is a card for it. Add a small note or message with your signature to make it even more personal.

Showing someone that you care about the earth and environment lets them see how caring a person you really are; it makes the words on the card seem more real. Our all-occasion cards are created with recycled paper, giving you the chance to not only spread some cheer among the people you care about, but also taking care of the world you live in.