Congratulations Greeting Cards

Sometimes, it feels like the triumphs in our lives go unnoticed. We all crave a little bit of recognition when we accomplish something, whether it’s as minor as finally painting the house or as major as earning a doctorate. Our friends and family certainly deserve the same recognition that we do, and we can show our admiration of their success with a card. The forethought and effort involved in sending a card, and the pleasure of receiving one, far outweigh a simple thumbs-up, a slap on the back, or an e-card or email.

For many occasions, you can pick from our wide variety of targeted cards for specific events. Pick a funny one (with or without a built-in check holder) for the recent graduate. Soft pastel colors celebrate the announcement or birth of a new baby. Extend your warm wishes to a happy couple that has become engaged or finally tied the knot. For a co-worker or employee, choose a professional card for winning the big account, finally getting that promotion, or even making it all the way to retirement. Or, choose a blank congratulations card for any of the little successes that could fall between the cracks but still deserves recognition.

These strong, heavy-weight cards can serve as lasting reminders of the joy of the moment. They won’t yellow or dull with time and can become a treasured memento of success, and they can stand as reminders of the friends and family that made victorious moments possible and worth celebrating.

Plus, these cards are great for the environment. They’re made from recycled paper, and, although they’ll last as long as you want them to, they can eventually be recycled again or left to biodegrade. In contrast, the computers necessary to send and receive e-cards are usually neither recycled nor recyclable. So, celebrate the victory of a friend, and give the environment something to celebrate, too.

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