Get Well & Feel Better Soon Cards

Being confined to a hospital room can be the one of the most isolated, lonely experiences in life. Without the companionship of friends and family, without even the comfort and routine of home, a long hospital or nursing home stay can quickly become tedious and depressing. When a loved one is facing a major health issue that requires them to be hospitalized, or even one that forces them to remain home and removed from social activities, nothing says “I’m thinking about you” quite like a card.

A clever, bright card can spread contagious cheer and laughter, the best medicine. A religious card can provide comfort from a higher power. A beautifully illustrated, sentimental card can remind someone you’re thinking of them while acting as tasteful decoration to a sterile hospital room. A professional office card reminds a co-worker or employee that they are missed and needed. Whatever card you choose, the act of sending one is a reminder that you care, even if you can’t be there. Plus, remaining socially connected is vital to the healing process, and a card is a great way to remind someone that they’re still a part of your life.

Our heavy-weight, durable cards will last a lifetime as reminders of your friendship during this time of need. Whether they stand sentinel in a hospital room or are packed in a shoebox, these cards will endure for years without fading or disintegrating, ensuring that your message of hope and love remains as lasting as your feelings.

As a final benefit, these cards help heal the environment as much as they help heal your loved one. They’re both fully recycled and fully recyclable, and will eventually biodegrade with the Earth. In short, they’re the perfect way to tell someone that you care. So send thoughts. Send prayers. Send a card.

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