Doorway Holiday Greeting Cards

Ask any business owner and they’ll tell you that presentation is everything. From food to clothing to kitchen sinks, as customers we are largely influenced by what we see. All one has to do is scroll through all the food pictures and selfies on social media to see that we are a culture obsessed with how things look. That’s because we understand that first impressions are important, and doorways, whether they be to our business or our home, are our first opportunity to provide that right impression. This is why home builders will tell you many buyers spend more money on their exterior doorway than they do on some of their major appliances. By selecting the right size, style, color choice, material, and any additional greenery such as wreaths or potted plants, a doorway speaks volumes about who we are and what we value, and is a gateway into what’s hidden inside behind that door, both literally and figuratively. The right choices can turn an otherwise unimpressive façade into a structure that feels warm and inviting. Any realtor will tell you that the key to selling a property is its curb appeal, and the right doorway is one of the key elements in establishing that appeal.

Make your customers feel just as welcome with our doorway greeting cards, that focus specifically on inviting them in and making them feel at home. The message of a doorway is clear: you’re welcome here, we invite you in as not only a customer but also as a friend, you and your business are special to us. Thank them for their loyalty and extend your wishes for a continuing close relationship throughout the years to come. 

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A Warm Welcome!

Price includes your choice of verse, four lines of imprint, and envelopes.
Pricing shown based on a purchase of 100 cards. All cards sold in units of 25.