Peace Holiday Greeting Cards

The Christmas season has always been synonymous with peace. The dove, a symbol of peace dating back to ancient times, has become a widely recognized symbol of Jesus, the prince of peace according to religious verse. This is due to the fact that according to the book of Matthew, when Jesus was baptized by his cousin John the Baptist in the River Jordan, a dove landed on him and a voice from the heavens declared him God’s beloved son. Since then, the dove has become a mainstay in holiday symbology, and is used widely not only to represent the inner peace one can find through the holy spirit, but also the promise of peace throughout the world that was promised in the scriptures after his birth.

Indeed, peace has been known to strike unexpectedly during the holiday season in some of the most surprising places. Historians may recall the well-documented story of opposing British and German soldiers fighting in the trenches during World War I who, after months of brutal warfare, declared an unofficial ceasefire in the wee hours of Christmas morning in 1914. According to reports, they even sang Christmas carols together and some cases dared to cross the treacherous area known as no man’s land to exchange small gifts and share stories about home. This truce was later described by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle as “one human episode amid all the atrocities.”

Our peace holiday cards reflect that hope that perhaps amid all the atrocities of life, during the holiday season we can all put aside our differences and share a moment of peace. Though we may represent many languages and many flags, we are all part of one world. Our peace cards perfectly convey that message to all your associates around the globe.

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